My expertise

With over twenty five years of experience in a diversity of marketing disciplines and industries I can help your organisation with developing business models to create long term impact.

My specialities, ready to collaborate with yours:

  • Analysing and simplifying current business strategy and help align activities;
  • Developing marketing & business strategy;
  • (Re)new product, concept, service or partnership  to accelerate business impact;
  • Creating strategic activity plans;
  • Capacity development of non-marketing executives.

My knowledge of production techniques, processes and logistics combined with an engineering mindset and my instinct for what can work (and what will be the weakest link) enables me to translate your organisations abstract thoughts and ideas and connect those to (future) needs. I enjoy simplifying complex matters, experimenting and creating new varieties.

Industries that I prefer working in are: Food security; agricultural, dairy. International social enterprising both trade and development. Marketing education for (aspirational) entrepreneurs.

I enjoy working with companies that share my believe that together we can make prosperity for all possible. Not by talking but by doing!” 

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