I am Baukje Feronia Kleinbekman

My middle name Feronia, after the goddess of freedom, absolutely influenced my personal and professional life. I went exploring the minute I could walk and I love the inspiration that comes from encounters with new people, places and experiences! Freedom to explore has always been a large part of my professional passion as well. Seeing possibilities and creating opportunities for others to develop is how freedom is showing itself in my profession.

With my Creative Marketing Strategy expertise I assist organisations to create more value and long term positive impact.

Due to my work in various sectors, countries and disciplines, I have a wide range of hard and soft skills. From the start of my career, I have been deployed to set up new activities. Usually project-based because I like to put a dot on the horizon to work towards. Together with teammates. I am driven, creative, enterprising, strategic, resourceful, steady on course, have a good sense of humor and connect people and teams.

Corporate social responsibility is always leading for me. Do you share my believe that together we can make prosperity for all possible, not by talking but by doing, connect with me via LinkedIn or send me an email on info@bferonia.nl.

Selected projects