From the start of my career, I have been deployed to set up new activities. Usually project-based because I like to put a dot on the horizon to work towards, together with team mates. Due to my work in various sectors, countries and disciplines, I have a wide range of hard and soft skills enabling me to facilitate development within your organisation in a creative, professional and pleasant manner.

I enjoy working within companies that share my believe that together we can make prosperity for all possible within the boundaries of our beautiful planet. Not by talking but by doing!

My expertise in brief:

  • Simplifying current strategy and aligning activities;
  • Developing creative marketing & business development strategies;
  • (Re)new product, concept, service or partnership;
  • Connecting people and organisations to create progress together. 

Selected Projects

  • YALTA | youth campaign in 4 African countries

    YALTA | youth campaign in 4 African countries

    Achieving SDG2, Zero Hunger, needs a transition towards more sustainable food production, with more socio-economic benefits and less environmental consequences. Agroecology aims to optimise interactions between people, plants and animals. At the same time we see that the involvement of youth in agroecology is still limited, while their involvement is crucial for the future. The…

  • Private E-course | Transform idea to business concept

    Private E-course | Transform idea to business concept

    This course takes aspirational entrepreneurs through all steps needed to transform their idea to a marketing based business set-up that gives them a head start.

  • NLR | until No Leprosy Remains

    NLR | until No Leprosy Remains

    Between november 2018 and august 2019 I worked for NLR to transform and reposition their international brand. NLR is the international brand of the Leprastichting in the Netherlands. In 2018 the Leprastichting updated her brand strategy for her international brand. Transforming into an international alliance aiming to stop leprosy in the next decade, the name…

  • VentureDairy | Connecting farmers

    VentureDairy | Connecting farmers

    In 2014 two dairy enthousiasts met and their joined passion for sustainable dairy farming and quality products sparked smart | dairy. Sharing their views on business development and being a dairy enthousiast myself, I joined them early 2015. smart | dairy connects small scale farmers around the world. Together these farmers form a distributed macro-farm considerate…

  • VSO | Interaction and conversion key in website

    VSO | Interaction and conversion key in website

    VSO Nederland, part of the international VSO federation had a website that was no longer functional. Wish was to migrate to Drupal but the look and feel of the international website already on that platform was not suitable for the Dutch market. While discussing options “why not create a whole new website built from usability…

  • ANPPCAN | New ways of fundraising + general marketing strategy

    ANPPCAN | New ways of fundraising + general marketing strategy

    The African Network for Protection and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN) is renowned and highly respected in Uganda for her casework for children who are neglected or abused. International donors mainly fund prevention programs and not the professional assistance needed after reports of neglect and/or abuse. Private fundraising and public support within Uganda…

  • NVJ | marketing training journalists

    NVJ | marketing training journalists

    The Nederlandse Vereniging Journalisten has an academy that offers a variety of courses to member journalists. The course ‘Freelancen=ondernemen’ was lead by Peter Schneider a trainer who is specialisted in organisational development. Peter Schneider asked me to develop part of this training together with him, focusing on marketing strategies, tools and practical activities to addapt…

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