VSO | Interaction and conversion key in website

VSO Nederland, part of the international VSO federation had a website that was no longer functional. Wish was to migrate to Drupal but the look and feel of the international website already on that platform was not suitable for the Dutch market.

While discussing options “why not create a whole new website built from usability instead of migrating?” was the question that re-energized the project. Key services and user friendliness defined what made the wish list. Shortly stated the website should become the main office of VSO Nederland. Open 24/7 to all who are interested to share their skills and knowledge with organizations in Africa and Asia. The budget available gave us a sound challenge but with a group of solid professionals, Schrijf-Schrijf (text), The Projects (design) and EZ-Company (Drupal development) we were able to create a highly flexible website with all functionalities needed.

Mid April 2015 www.vso.nl was live and VSO Nederland is now equiped to further develop online services in the coming year. Tuning in to actualities has become far more easy VSO experienced for the first time when recruiting professionals after the Nepal earthquakes.