Private E-course | Transform idea to business concept

Since 2006 my focus has been on marketing positions with a social impact in international settings. My wish to share my marketing and entrepreneurial skills to support many more people in realising their professional dreams, resulted in developing a private e-course.

Transform your idea to a business concept & marketing strategy

A journal is created to keep all analyses, ideas and notes together.No drawing skills needed.

This course takes aspirational entrepreneurs through all steps needed to transform their idea to a marketing based business set-up that gives them a head start. Each lesson contains 30% high level marketing knowledge and skills and 70% practical activities to explore idea and market-environment.

Aspirational entrepreneurs don’t need marketing or business management knowledge to take this online course. The course is in English at a level that accomodates non-native speakers. The business idea stays private. And depending on time invested an idea can be transformed within 1-2 months.


  • Essence of entrepreneurship and marketing
  • Framing and analysing initial idea
  • Researching your market environment
  • Reflection and recourses for being unique
  • Creating SWOT, strategic activity combination and marketing mix
  • Budgetting and planning
  • Defining and creating your brand identity
  • Presenting your business to potential partners

“Succesful businesses have a strong marketing foundation. I contribute my 25+ marketing and creative strategy experience to enable aspirational entrepreneurs worldwide to start with a business that adds value and is therefore durable!”

Baukje Kleinbekman