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I assist social enterprising organisations with their marketing & business development goals. By developing a (re)new(ed) product, concept or service to increase value and impact.

My middle name Feronia, after the goddess of freedom, absolutely influenced my personal and professional life. I went exploring the minute I could walk and I love the inspiration that comes from encounters with new experiences! This has always been a large part of my professional passion as well. Seeing possibilities and creating opportunities for others to develop. That is how freedom is showing itself in my work.

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Enabling aspirational entrepreneurs to develop their initial idea towards a business, is what I greatly enjoy. That’s why I developed an E-course ‘B feronia style’- using a journal and free of charge!

E-course: Transform your idea to a business concept

  • With each lesson your idea will develop further towards a business concept and marketing strategy.
  • It depends on time you can invest, but if you can free 20 hours a week it will take 1 month to transform your idea.
  • The course is completely private. You create a journal and will never need to upload or share information about your business idea.
  • No marketing knowledge needed. My 25+ years marketing experience will enable you to skip beginners levels. 

Marketeer by profession and curious by nature, I always observe the world around to find new connections and opportunities. My stories reflect what inspires me related to my profession.

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