” I assist social enterprising organisations with their marketing & business development goals. By developing a (re)new(ed) product, concept or service to increase value and impact.

My middle name Feronia, after the goddess of freedom, absolutely influenced my personal and professional life. I went exploring the minute I could walk and I have always been looking beyond!

Seeing possibilities, creating room for people to contribute their strength to a team and work together in harmony. That is how freedom is showing itself in my work.”

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  • Feronia Academy | Transformation course
    Since 2006 my focus has been on marketing positions with a social impact in international settings. It led me to Ecuador, Ethiopia and Uganda to share my marketing and entrepreneurial skills. My wish to support many more people in realising their professional dreams, resulted in developing a private online transformation course. […]
  • Building sustainable, thriving dairy enterprises
    For Venture Dairy I work on a sustainable dairy enterprise model for small scale dairy farming. This model is developed with Akshayakalpa. Take 2 minutes to watch this beautiful story about what they are grateful for. It makes me grateful to be able to contribute to the further roll out in […]
  • NLR | until No Leprosy Remains
    Between november 2018 and august 2019 I worked for NLR to transform and reposition their international brand. NLR is the international brand of the Leprastichting in the Netherlands. In 2018 the Leprastichting updated her brand strategy for her international brand. Transforming into an international alliance aiming to stop leprosy in the […]
  • Slow fashion – goodbye trends, hello style
    Many ‘new’ ways are actually going back to the ‘old’ ways. Often they get called slow, like slow food and slow fashion. Good developments since it puts emphasis on value of things and time. If we want to keep our planet healthy, valuing the things we use is a good step. […]
  • Elephant-paths a quick way towards change
    ‘An elephant-path (also known as a desire-path, herd path, cow path and goat track) is a path created as a consequence of erosion caused by human or animal foot-fall or traffic. The path usually represents the shortest or most easily navigated route between an origin and destination. Width and erosion severity […]
  • Healthy relations with food & farmers
    Recent events made it more clear than ever that we do not seem to have healthy relations with food and the people that produce our food. In the Netherlands (and much of Europe) we have had many weeks with high temperatures and no rain. To such an extent that using water […]