VentureDairy | Connecting farmers

In 2014 two dairy enthousiasts met and their joined passion for sustainable dairy farming and quality products sparked smart | dairy. Sharing their views on business development and being a dairy enthousiast myself, I joined them early 2015.

smart | dairy connects small scale farmers around the world. Together these farmers form a distributed macro-farm considerate of communities and environment. What happens at each farm will be monitored, compared and learned from. Sharing worldwide knowledge and best practice lies at the base of smart | dairy. When it comes to farming but also when it comes to finance and to marketing of products in the local market.

Regional and sustainable production are another key factor. All smart | dairy farmers respect the life of animals and smart | dairy supports them to increase yields by balanced rations, excellent veterinarian services and great farm management. Together we produce quality milk for a healthy world. And provide an alternative to jobs in the city for men and women so families can stay united.


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