ANPPCAN | New ways of fundraising + general marketing strategy

The African Network for Protection and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN) is renowned and highly respected in Uganda for her casework for children who are neglected or abused. International donors mainly fund prevention programs and not the professional assistance needed after reports of neglect and/or abuse. Private fundraising and public support within Uganda is therefore of the utmost importance for reaching the goals of the organization. And to guarantee sustainability.

With a small team and an even smaller budget we needed to be efficient and develop means that would have the highest possible ROI. We chose to focus on online presence in and outside Uganda. Core business of ANPPCAN, child protection (curative) would be at the centre to ensure the organization to attract suitable (financial) partners. The ANPPCAN brand was already very strong inside Uganda due to its drive, reliability and approach towards child protection. Ugandan individuals offered (financial) help but could not be serviced yet so we developed the “ChildProtectionFund” and a membership program for those who wanted to be part of the general preventative and curative work at community level. Outside of Uganda ANPPCAN was just one of many NGO’s. Connecting ANPPCAN to the world outside Uganda was of strategic importance.


The new approach delivered many new members and financial support for at least 30 children through the ChildProtectionFund, within the year. NGO’s but also commercial parties became part of the ANPPCAN network and new institutional donors sought out partnerships.

Working with ANPPCAN was a dynamic period that I look back at with great pride. We achieved major developments with a small team of professionals.

Where others stop, ANPPCAN goes on! ANPPCAN is a vibrant organization with professionals who fight with all they have to protect the children of Uganda.

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