NLR | until No Leprosy Remains

Between november 2018 and august 2019 I worked for NLR to transform and reposition their international brand. NLR is the international brand of the Leprastichting in the Netherlands.

In 2018 the Leprastichting updated her brand strategy for her international brand. Transforming into an international alliance aiming to stop leprosy in the next decade, the name “Netherlands Leprosy Relief” was no longer fitting. The brand story and tagline needed to be clear and directive and for all partners workable brand guidelines were needed.

I took on the transformation together with a dedicated team of NLR colleagues and the brand agency Beeldr transformed the current brand to the future proof brand that supports the ambition needed to stop leprosy once and for all.


  • Tagline
  • Brand story based on strategic directions
  • Repositioning stories
  • Brand design
  • Branded materials for daily use
  • Extended brand guidelines
  • Social media accounts, domain names
  • Integrated plan for the implementation and first year of communication worldwide
  • Support to international partners

We continue until No Leprosy Remains

A brand has strategic and visual components but most vital are the people that make the brand. At NLR I worked with highly committed and internationally respected medical professionals who dedicated their entire career to stop leprosy and is tremendous impact. It made me a richer person for which I am grateful.

Read more about leprosy and how to collaborate with NLR. Leprosy is a curable disease that should not impact generations as it does today. It can be stopped, with joined efforts!