Joke Zwart

“Baukje quickly understands complex matters and finds creative solutions”

Baukje prepared a national recruitment campaign for VSO to support the launch of our new application process in December 2013. She also led the revision of the recruitment pages on our website, In the 2 months that I worked with her, I got to know Baukje as a very professional, committed and reliable team member. With her thorough background in marketing and communications, her personal experience as a VSO volunteer in Uganda and Ethiopia, as well as her calm and persevering nature, she helped us to pull our recruitment approach into a new direction.

Baukje quickly understands complex matters and finds creative solutions. During this project she worked effectively with different colleagues in different teams in VSO Netherlands, as well as VSO’s head office in London, who each had their own objectives and while needing to meet strict deadlines. In doing so, she was able to keep a strong focus on the main objectives that we wanted to reach with our recruitment campaign and website pages, while at the same time aiming for a win win situation for all those involved.

It was a pleasure working with someone who knows what she is talking about and has such a likable personality!

Joke Zwart
Manager Volunteering
VSO Nederland

Source: LinkedIn reference