• She focuses on quality and impact
    I have greatly enjoyed working with Baukje. To strengthen its international brand the Leprastichting renewed its brand strategy in 2018. Baukje joined us soon after that process. She took on translating the strategy into rebranding NLR, definining the new design, its guidelines and implementing within our international alliance. She was a valued advisor for me, […]
  • “Baukje has an impressive background and experience in the international arena”
    I wish to strongly recommend Baukje as an outstanding individual in the area of entrepreneurial marketing and business development. Baukje has an impressive background and experience in the international arena including her time spent working in Africa. I have worked closely with Baukje during the development of programs in dairy development in emerging markets and […]
  • “She deploys a wide range of skills based on years of experience in Africa and the Netherlands”
    Based on my collaboration with Baukje during the implementation of the Diaspora volunteer project : maximizing the value of the Kenyan diaspora. A joint project between Kenya Diaspoar Community in the Netherlands, Africa Study Centre Leiden University and VSO Netherlands, I would attest to her qualities and professionalism in handling very complex projects that involve […]
  • “She inspires others because of who she is”
    I worked with Baukje when she was our Marketing and Development Advisor at ANPPCAN Uganda Chapter. For the time she was with us, I came to know her as an extraordinary person, deeply committed to the well-being of those who are less fortunate. She is a very good organizer and had an amazing amount of […]
  • “Baukje quickly understands complex matters and finds creative solutions”
    Baukje prepared a national recruitment campaign for VSO to support the launch of our new application process in December 2013. She also led the revision of the recruitment pages on our website, In the 2 months that I worked with her, I got to know Baukje as a very professional, committed and reliable team […]
  • “She mixes clear, relevant information with a good sense of humor”
    Baukje assisted me as marketing specialist in a marketing training I facilitate for entrepreneurs. She effortlessly tuned in to the different needs and knowledge levels of the students and made her presentation very lively and interactive. She combines clear, relevant information with a good sense of humor, down to earth approach and provocative questions. Her […]
  • “The foundation she laid helped us restructure the organization”
    I have known Baukje Kleinbekman when she worked with me in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We were both working at a local media-based NGO called Ethiopian Volunteer Media Professionals against AIDS – her as marketing and development advisor and also as the only Fundraiser for our organizations, and me as the Chief Editor of the youth […]