Go the extra mile, it is never crowded!

A new year, new options and who knows; new years resolutions! A motto I personally like for this year is ‘go the extra mile’. It is freely taken from Wayne Dyers quote ‘ it is never crowded along the extra mile’.

go the extra mile order yoursWhat inspires me in this is that it stands for more than ambition. It stands for intention. Maybe that seems like a small difference but it is a whole different focus. Intention means that you have an open mind, observe what is needed to serve your customers best and keep adjusting where needed. Ambition focuses on a set goal, preferably smart. Intention therefore leaves more space for creativity, fun and happiness that ambition does.

After many years of being afraid to loose what we have build up, many companies failing, many people loosing jobs, homes and safety it is time for intention instead of ambition.

I wish you all a year in which you feel inspired to go the extra mile, with full intent!

Warm greetings,


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