Marketing is a conversation about value

What did you think when you saw this photograph of a car? Surely not the same as the Cuban owner of this car. How you value a product or service depends on where you live, what you need / want in your life and on what your budget is to fulfill this need. Take the test with this photograph and see what you learn.

It is fascinating to see that the same product has a completely different value for different people. In comparison to the old segmentation approach of marketing that worked with models todays marketing of products and services is a conversation about value.

When you start browsing on the Internet you come along many examples of products that we were designed for use other than it is now used for. Bubble foil was designed as wallpaper (didn’t sell at all), Play Doh clay was originally a cleaner for paper wallpaper and Coca Cola an alternative for morphine addiction and to treat anxiety and headaches.

That even the empty bottle of a coke can have different values show the first minutes of the 80’s film “the gods must be crazy”. (don’t bother spending time watching the rest of the movie).


Start the conversation and see what it will bring!