Slow fashion – goodbye trends, hello style

Many ‘new’ ways are actually going back to the ‘old’ ways. Often they get called slow, like slow food and slow fashion. Good developments since it puts emphasis on value of things and time. If we want to keep our planet healthy, valuing the things we use is a good step. It will make a big difference to the amount of waste we produce. And it will bring more harmony in our lives as well.

To me slow fashion is:

  • Making sure cloths last due to good quality of material and design.
  • Cloths that are produced in a lasting way, without damaging other peoples lives due to poisonous processes and materials.
  • Not following trends. Basically everything should stay interesting to look at for at least three years.

More and more designers are starting to work that way so choosing is become easier each year. And luckily there are items that never go out of style and make you look good wherever you are (even in a storm on the most southern coast of Europe).

Pashmina shawls

Products are labeled with the Pashmina Trademark TAG of Chyangra Pashmina. The TAG is the authentic representation of pure, genuine, finest and 100% reassurance of the qualities of Pashminasproduct of Nepal.  Each Tag has a Hologram with an independent serial numbers. In order to be able to use the Chyangra Pashmina Trademark TAG, producers must agree to comply with very strict criteria set out in the Code of Conduct of Nepal Government.

Incredible that I have taken so long to write about this all time favourite of mine. I have collected several pashmina’s over the years. By now they are a signature look. I always buy directly from producers in Nepal to make sure profit is being made locally. My supplier is ‘Pashminas Nepal’ They always deliver great handwoven quality shawls. Soft and in splendid, environmentally friendly dyed, colours. The spinning and weaving is done traditionally as much as possible. But uses modern technology where needed to ensure a good working environment since weaving is quite intensive labor. Shawls are dyed upon order so the colour you like is always available. What I like about Pashminas Nepal is the fact that it is a socially responsible producer. They are entitled to use the quality label ‘Chyangra Pashmina’ that is given to producers that follow the strict criteria given by the Nepalese government. Their production takes place in a village where it provides work locally to women. 10% Of the annual profit goes to education in different parts of Nepal.

Tip: request a colour sample booklet with your first order so you can easily choose colours for the next order.

“I take slow fashion quite literal as well and knit many evenings in fall and winter time. I enjoy doing this because it slows down my mind. It works two ways like that. Taking a break from busy (work) life and making something I grow attached to while making it. Most items I want to keep for years or, I remake them. Not surprising then, is the fact that my most favourite online platform (after Feronia Academy) is www.Ravelry. Enter at your own risk. Happy long dark evenings!”