Chef’s that work from the source

In general I find the way chef’s look at food and create new combinations an inspiration. But I get really excited when chef’s use their knowledge to innovate food production. Netflix released a serie about inspirational cooks around the world. The one that stood out for me was Dan Barber in the first series. Next to being a chef he is a farmer. His main focus is on growing food with the highest level of nutrients. Sounds logical right? Somehow this has not been the focus for many years. More and even more than more was the focus. Exotic foods that ripen on ships instead of on the field. That this gives not the same quality of food I personally came to realise when I returned to the Netherlands after two years in Ethiopia. There I did not need to eat so much to be full. Result? I got hungry when I ate the same amount of food in the Netherlands. Intriguing right?!

Watch the introduction of the Netflix episode

You can find more information about the serie of documentaries here.

Dan Harper recorded his views about the future of food, more information.


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