11 cities – 200 km IN the water

I was born and raised in the Frisian province, in the north of the Netherlands. A province famous for it’s dairy, the beautiful Frisian cows and horses, it’s water.  And, of course the incredible 11 cities skating tour of 200km. It has been a while since skating this tour was possible but it is done in many other ways possible such as by bike or boat.

Never IN the water though. Olympic Swim Champion Maarten van der Weijden will do this for the first time from 18-20 of August. Non stop and with a major goal in mind; raising money for cancer research.

Swimming along

For a, short, part of his tour I will swim along together with over 1500 others. To give him the extra spirit needed to get through this incredible challenge. Would you like to support this challenge and help raise money for cancer research? Donate on my personal action page.