Talents make the team

Everyone has a talent. Some discover their talent as a child, others take their whole life. Some discover it by them selves, some need others to point them at it. If you see talent as recurring activities, thoughts or feelings that prove to be productive for yourself and others, you will find your talent. And, most likely easier, also the talent of others.

Acknowledgement of talent a basic need

Talents are far more important to people than often thought. Being good at something and receiving acknowledgement for this is according to scientists and philosophers a basic human need. Acknowledgement is to my opinion not the same as confirmation; praise, applaus, fame. Not everyone needs confirmation but we all need acknowledgement to feel confident.

Luckily talent can be developed

Research has shown that talent is fueled by the amount of time invested. Fair to say the amount of time invested in training to be truly talented is about 7.000 to 10.000 hours. But spread over ten years thats a few hours a week so within reach off all I would say. Investing time in talent development is, given the amount of time to develop, most wisely spent on a talent that comes quite natural already. Often this is something that you already did as a child; standing up for others, helping classmates, drawing, dancing, studying bugs etc. Or invest your time into something that gives you pleasure doing (often called passion these days).

Why talent is so useful for a team

When choosing team members for a project, keeping your eye on talents of possible members is key to the overall success. If you form a team of people with similar talents you’re selling everyone short. And as can be expected the results will be kind of mediocre also.

Being the best is not the goal when finding each team members talent. It is about being good at it. If this talent can contributed to the team, it will inspire and energize other members as well. Talent is useful when each member of the team get’s room to share it for the benefit of all.

A solid team is a free and happy team!