Work highlights

Business Development                        

  • Developing a new worldwide platform where entrepreneurs learn & create together. Beta version live in September 2018.
  • Startup smart | dairy – economic concept for smallholder dairy farmers in upcoming markets. Strategic advisor on partnerships and marketing approaches. Read more >>
  • Connecting Kenyan Diaspora in the Netherlands to Kenyan social enterprises to built capacity and establish new partnerships and access to the Dutch market.
  • Transformation of Child Protection NGO in Uganda from donor driven to goal driven, aiming for partnering instead of aligning to donor agenda’s. Read more >>
  • Business strategy for Youth Newspaper Lambadina in Ethiopia focused on effective partnerships aligned arround the core principle of skill building of teens.
  • Part of steering committee to decentralise library organisation into four independent regional entities.


  • Online course “transform your idea to a business” for aspirational entrepreneurs. 
  • Brand vision and proposition development for smallholder farmers concept smart | dairy for B2B and B2C.
  • Developing private fundraising for Child Protection NGO in Uganda that enabled Ugandan’s to support children who suffored abuse or neglect.
  • Renewed format youth newspaper Lambadina in Ethiopia focused on skill building of teens. Topics on demand of readers.
  • Brand (re)positioning , campaigns and new product development including route to market strategies for over 20 years.
  • Development of new websites since 1997, since 2005 with Drupal and WordPress. Customer journeys, UX, SEO and marketing goals at the base of each development. Read more about the VSO Nederland website I developed.

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