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‘Simplifying complex matters, experimenting and creating new varieties my kind of fun! With over twenty five years of experience in a diversity of marketing disciplines and industries I can help your organisation to create more value and long term impact.’

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Enabling aspirational entrepreneurs to develop their initial idea towards a business, is what I greatly enjoy. That’s why I developed an E-course ‘B feronia style’- using a journal and free of charge!

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Latest stories

  • Marketing is not for later
    “When we can afford it we will start doing some marketing” This is something I hear regularly from startups. Many startups have an idea, a lot of energy and a bit of money and go off without a marketing stategy. It keeps surprising me that marketing is often seen as ‘something we can do later, when […]
  • The biggest business mistake everyone makes – because it is fun
    You have this great idea for a business and lot’s of energy to get started. During a start up you will meet many people and you will pithch your idea. Maybe your idea is so unique that people start contacting you to find out if you could work together. It can be overwhelming at the […]
  • Elephant-paths a quick way towards change
    ‘An elephant-path (also known as a desire-path, herd path, cow path and goat track) is a path created as a consequence of erosion caused by human or animal foot-fall or traffic. The path usually represents the shortest or most easily navigated route between an origin and destination. Width and erosion severity can be indicators of […]
  • YALTA | youth campaign in 4 African countries
    Achieving SDG2, Zero Hunger, needs a transition towards more sustainable food production, with more socio-economic benefits and less environmental consequences. Agroecology aims to optimise interactions between people, plants and animals. At the same time we see that the involvement of youth in agroecology is still limited, while their involvement is crucial for the future. The […]