Behailu Shiferaw - Chief Editor - Lambadina Youth Newspaper
"A willing, able and energetic colleague to work with. Her role in putting our organization on the map was outstanding. The foundation she laid helped us when we restructured the organization."

Ferna Harms - HR manager - Bibliotheekservice Fryslân
"Driven, to the point, smart and with strategic and tactical insight. I got to know her as a true marketing communication professional. She keeps her word and personally I find that very pleasant and professional"

Peter Schneider - Trainer - WEB organisatie ontwikkeling
"She mixes clear, relevant information with humor, a down to earth view on things and challenging questions. I experienced her way of working to be flexibel and always aimed at the goal of the training.

Joke Zwart - Manager Volunteering - VSO
"She quickly understands complex matters and finds creative solutions. She effectively worked with different international teams and kept a strong focus on the main objectives, while at the same time aiming for a win win situation for all involved."

Anslem Wandega - Executive Director -  ANPPCAN Uganda Chapter
"She inspires others because of who she is. I came to know her as an extraordinary person, deeply committed to the well-being of those who are less fortunate. She is a very good organizer and a talented facilitator."