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Nieuwmarkt in the snow
21/12/2017  by Baukje Kleinbekman 

Surely Amsterdam will not have a white Christmas but this comes very close to this feeling. On my way to the supermarket...

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Must read – Teeming by Tamsin Woolley-Barker
27/10/2017  by Baukje Kleinbekman 

To stay up to date I read a lot of articles and books, but not very often am I so taken by a book that...

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SheDecides – a movement I support
03/08/2017  by Baukje Kleinbekman 

I worked in Ethiopia during the W. Bush period and learned about the impact of the vision of a president...

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Talents make the team
18/02/2017  by Baukje Kleinbekman 

Everyone has a talent. Some discover their talent as a child, others take their whole life. Some discover...

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Africa Rising
24/12/2016  by Baukje Kleinbekman 

A great new book about African creatives was published in september. Young and more established artists...

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Graphic work 
Tree of life
20/09/2016  by Baukje Kleinbekman 

I grew up in a garden with a large Chestnut tree and it is to me a special that this tree saw me, my mother...

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