Baukje Kleinbekman

International marketing & business development

b feronia is the, privately owned, company of Baukje Kleinbekman that offers organizations the opportunity to instantly add marketing expertise to the team. As part of your project team, as a virtual coach, senior colleague or on and off as executive advisor.
I can help your organisation to develop a new product, concept or service and accelerate business development. Create strategic and integrated activity plans. Or help you to built the capacity of team members or non-marketing executives.
I am at my best in intercultural social enterprising projects and believe that together we can make prosperity for all possible. I have applied my expertise for organisations in food security; agricultural, dairy and international trade & development.

On a personal note

My full name is Baukje Feronia Kleinbekman. I was born in 1970 in the International renowned Frisian province. My middle name Feronia, after the goddess of freedom, absolutely influenced my personal and professional life. I went exploring the minute I could walk and because I grew up between a river and a busy road, my father placed a fence. Not that it stopped me and I have always been looking beyond and travelled as much as possible. Meeting people, seeing places!
Due to my traveling experience I became interested in social marketing positions and in international opportunities inspiring me to pursue my marketing career in development in both ngo’s and socially engaged commercial organisations. Establishing b feronia | marketing & social enterprising was a logical step. I enjoy working with companies that share my believe that together we can make prosperity for all possible. Not by talking but by doing!

“Seeing possibilities, creating room for people to contribute their strength to a team and work together in harmony. That is how freedom is showing itself in my work.”

What others say

”Baukje has an impressive background and experience in the international arena”

Trevor Tomkins – Founder venture | dairy and Chairman smart | dairy

”She deploys a wide range of skills based on years of experience in Africa and the Netherlands”

Antony Ong’ayo – Post Doc Researcher – Development Studies Erasmus University

~”She is a talented facilitator and inspires others because of who she is”

Anslem Wandega – Executive Director – ANPPCAN Uganda Chapter

May what inspires me, inspire you

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